Awards and Recognition

Here you will find awards and recognition that we’ve earned for our work in the fields of historic restoration, preservation, and new construction.

Landmark Society Awards

Landmark Society Stewardship Award

The Landmark Society of Western New York regularly recognizes projects that both exemplify and advance the delicate art of historic restoration and preservation.  While these awards are given out on a regular basis, it isn’t every day that a single company can say they’ve worked on multiple winning projects.

The first is The Stewardship Award which was given to St. James Episcopal Church in Batavia, a project with which we were extensively involved.  Our work on this project included removing, recasting, and replacing important pieces of masonry including the main cross on the church tower.

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Landmark Society Barber Conable Award

The next award from The Landmark Society of Western New York is the Barber Conable Award.  This recognizes a major, large scale restoration project that was completed within the past two years.  This award was given to The Michelson Factory building, with which we’ve had extensive involvement.

Our work on this project included fixing existing brick work, installing new material, and even a few additions.  Once again, we are very proud of the work we’ve done on this project and are excited to have been a part of restoring this great building.

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Excellence in Historic Preservation

The Preservation League of New York State helps to fund and promote the preservation of historic landmarks and other structures.  Their focus is on sustainable redevelopment and economic growth that, at the same time, helps to preserve the past while revitalizing the present.

The Excellence in Preservation Award recognizes companies, groups, and projects that exemplify the League’s mission statement.  This was awarded to Catenary Construction for our work on the Mills at High Falls, a multi phase project that has been a major ongoing project.

This project was a perfect example of our preservation and restoration work.  We specialize in taking important historic locations and turning them into something modern that can be continuously enjoyed by future generations without destroying the important historic significance of the site.

This requires many hours of delicate planning, a thorough understanding of the structural and material elements involved in the project, and a dedication to producing the best work possible.  We are proud of our Excellence in Historic Preservation Award.

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