At Catenary Construction, we endeavor to obtain all of the required information, skills, and knowledge needed to do the best job possible.  This includes becoming certified in handling dangerous materials, minimizing ecological impact, and many other important topics.  Here you will find information on a few of our certifications.

EPA Lead-Safe Certification

Working on old and antique structures requires a lot of skill.  One of the biggest problems is that many of these old buildings were built at a time when certain materials were still considered safe for use around people.  Lead is notoriously found in old structures, especially those that have been left to decay.

Our EPA Lead-Safe certification proves that we have the knowledge and skills needed to handle this potentially dangerous substance in a safe and effective manner.


Employee Certifications

Here at Catenary, we like to hire the best.  Part of making sure we always have the most highly skilled and dedicated employees is ensuring that each employee is trained and qualified for the type of work they might do.  With such a broad range of different skills needed by this company, we have a number of certifications and tests that we require of our employees.

Employee certificates include:

  • Respirator fit tests
  • Lead tests
  • Hydromobile Scaffolding Erection and Dismantle
  • Hydromobile Maintenance
  • Forklift training
  • CDL and other vehicle training
  • Basic OSHA training and compliance
  • and more