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Here you will find news stories that mention either Catenary Construction or the projects we are working on.  Much of our work involves major projects, both restoration and new construction, and so we are often mentioned in the news.  Catenary is a major part of the Western New York construction industry and these news stories prove how important our work is.

Preservation Project Wins Award

St. James Episcopal Church Wins Stewardship Award

St. James Episcopal Church in Batavia, N.Y. is a perfect example of our preservation work.  This is an historic building with a long backstory and a currently thriving congregation.  The work it needed was quite extensive and involved a number of precise and delicate operations such as recasting and replacing decorative elements.

The work we did was recently recognized by The Historical Society, winning it a Stewardship award for excellence in historical preservation.

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Rochester Historic Masonry Restoration
Rochester Masonry Contractor

Landmark Recognition

Michelson Project Wins Barber Conable Award

Given out by The Historical Society of Western NY, the Barber Conable award recognizes an outstanding, large scale restoration project completed within the last two years.  Given our dedication to quality and detail, it should come as little surprise that one of our projects has won this prestigious award.

The Michelson Factory restoration was an extensive project that required a little bit of everything.  There were bricks to rejuvenate, stonework to fix, and even some new concrete to be poured.  As with all of our projects, we put our hearts and souls into this and are happy to have it recognized.

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Contractor Revamps Construction Layout With New Solution

Catenary Construction is at the leading edge of technology solutions for the construction industry  We endeavor to use every tool at our disposal to produce work on time, within budget, and to a high degree of skill.  This is why we have begun using robotic survey equipment to lay out a site.  It allows us to take highly detailed technical information and translate that into a real world application with extremely tight precision tolerances.

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Recent Stories

The Sibley Building

Catenary is heavily involved in the current restoration of The Sibley Building, a major Rochester landmark.  This project has gained quite a bit of attention in the news

University Avenue Apartments

The University Avenue Apartments are a major residential new construction project for which Catenary is a main contractor.

Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is a modern residential care facility.  Catenary was contracted to help construct significant portions of their new expansion.