From Hamilton Stern Construction

Hamilton Stern would like to take this opportunity to commend not only Catenary Construction for their outstanding performance at the Mills at High Falls Phase III and Michelson Building historic renovation projects, but also three specific individuals of whom you should be exceptionally proud.

For outstanding leadership on both projects and overall effort to make the project a success for HSC and for Catenary Construction, we would like the thank Peter Brown, Lead Superintendent.

For supervisory work in the masonry restoration at Mills Phase III, maintaining the construction schedule during one of the harshest winters on record; we would like to thank Len Strubule.

For supervising the masonry restoration at Michelson Building and for undertaking the difficult task of reconstructing the interior of the elevator shaft and meeting the deadline require; we would like to thank Dave Cobb.

These three individuals positively represent Catenary Construction to the utmost level with the quality of their work, a determination to get the job done per the schedule, and an overall positive attitude that their name will forever be on the building.

Please provide our personal thanks to Peter, Len, and Dave.  Hamilton Stern Construction thanks you once again.


Jeff Vander Veer

From the Urban League of Rochester

Dear Bill,

I wanted to thank you for the time and effort which your team, in particular Bill Farmer and Bill Shaw, put into making the Annex Mills at High Falls a success.  As you may know, the Annex wa given an Excellence in Historic Preservation Award in May 2012 by the Preservation League of New York State.  They agreed to make certificates for our partners in the project.  I hope that you will share this with your staff.

Again, on behalf of the Urban League of Rochester and the Urban League of Rochester Economic Development Corp., I want to thank you for your part in our success.


Carolyn Vitale, Vice President/COO


From Cindy and Dan Barben

Re: Work done in the Miller-Barben Cemetery with putting in the forms and headstones for the Revolutionary Soldiers John Moore and Henry Courter.

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did on the cemetery.  It was amazing to me how much you all did for the cause.  It is so much appreciated.

It’s great to meet people who really like history.

Can’t wait until our paths cross again and again thank you so much for the great work done very well.


Cindy and Dan Barben

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