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If you have a serious masonry project then you need the best masons in Rochester and the Western NY region.  We specialize in commercial masonry and historic preservation.  Our new construction projects cover everything from foundations to stair towers and complete new construction.  We handle both interior and exterior masonry work, both structural and aesthetic.

Concrete Contractor

When most people think of masonry work they imagine bricks and stone. The truth is that concrete is a major part of any new construction.  This is the material used in a variety of important structural elements in everything from a single family house to a 200 unit apartment building.

Pouring concrete is a complex and difficult job.  The material is poured into a mold or form and left to set.  This form must be built to exacting specifications according to architectural and engineering plans.  The mixture needs to be just right and the end result can be heavily affected by the current weather.

If you need a concrete contractor in Rochester then you need to be sure you’re hiring experts with both the knowledge and experience to do the job right.  All of our employees are seasoned concrete experts who can handle any job, no matter how big or complicated.

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New Construction

Rochester real estate development is currently booming.  That means there is an increased need for reliable, skilled, and experienced construction companies.  As a commercial level masonry company, we’ve had plenty of experience building things from the ground up.

New construction always requires a dedicated attention to detail.  In many cases, we are handling the first stages of a construction project.  Foundations require perfectly constructed forms for pouring concrete.  Stair towers need to be built to a variety of different codes and regulations.  The entire structural portion of the building needs to be balance and erected correctly.

Our new construction projects are almost always commercial grade.  We’ve built everything from apartment buildings to hospitals.  This means we understand the codes, regulations, and requirements of a large variety of different structures.  No matter what the final use may be, we know how to build it to last, exactly the way it needs to be.


Our new construction work includes:

  • Complete new masonry construction
  • Stair tower construction
  • Foundations, forms, and pouring
  • Multiple housing construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Retail location construction
  • and more
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Don’t trust your major new construction projects to just anyone.  We handle the most important fundamentals with a skilled hand and an eye towards detail.  Contact us today and discover why we are Rochester’s best construction company.