Winter Construction

If you’re building anything in Rochester or the Western NY region, then you’re used to dealing with often brutal weather.  It’s no surprise that the weather can get quite frigid in the winter months.  What is surprising, however, is how often people let this weather halt all the progress on their construction projects.

Cold Weather Construction

Rochester construction projects are often designed around the weather.  Western NY is beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall but the winters can often be brutal.  With snow piled high, the thermostat under 20 degrees, and wind whipping through the streets, most construction companies pack it in.

Catenary Construction has been a Rochester company its entire life.  Not only was it founded here but most of the employees are from the area.  This means that everyone at Catenary understands the hardships that come with the winter months.  We also understand the need to not halt progress on a construction project simply because it’s gotten cold.

Rochester Cement Masonry Contractor
Rochester Cement Masonry Contractor

New Construction in Winter

Handling new construction projects during the winter requires special knowledge and experience.  While most construction materials are designed to withstand a great variety of different climates, installing them in cold weather can be difficult.

Elements such as foundations can be difficult to pour and set.  The ground can often be frozen, there may be more moisture present than expected, and winds can also play a factor.  The same is true for building CMU walls, stair towers, or even exterior brickwork.  In order to do any of this delicate construction work in a frozen climate, you need people with special skills.

Fortunately, all of our workers are experienced in cold weather construction.  They understand the way different materials react in the cold and what needs to be done to ensure that everything is built to last a life time.

Combating the Cold

One way or another, Rochester construction projects are going to face cold weather.  Successfully continuing a major new construction project during the winter requires a multi-faceted approach.  Every project, regardless of the weather, needs to have people, equipment, and materials working together.  The winter is no different.

Our on site mechanic is always busy ensuring that our equipment is not only operating well but is safe for use in the conditions we will face.  This helps us stay confident that all of our equipment will be ready when we need it, no matter how much snow is piling up outside the windows.

Creating a safe and effective job site is our next concern.  While ice and snow are an obvious danger, subfreezing temperatures can also be quite dangerous.  This is why we create fully heated winter enclosures for all of our winter construction projects.  These enclosures allow our employees to continue to operate at peak performance without worrying about ice, snow, or frostbite inducing winds.

All of our winter enclosures are secure and built to OSHA specifications.  We’ve enclosed everything from small 2 story structures to churches with 75 foot tall enclosures.

When it comes to masonry construction, winter can’t stop us.


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